Friday, September 11, 2009

Multiple Mercury Receivers

I am testing the new Mercury/Ozy code to support multiple receivers on a single Mercury card.

I have changed the architecture so that I now have a server application talking to OZY over the USB bus and talking to client applications over UDP sockets.

A client application can connect to the server requesting a specific receiver. The server currently only allows 1 client connection for each receiver.

This is the first attempt to run 3 copies of ghpsdr. Needs some debugging as the spectrum display is not correct, but the basic concept is there.


yt1dl said...

Is it possible to download your java GUI? I want to test it with Genesis G40 and G3020 QRP SDR radios.

Dusan, YT1DL

Joshua said...

Dido with YT1DL's comment. Any updates or beta downloads?

Ken - N9VV said...

Beautiful work John. Please contribute your mastery of GTK+ to the Hermes project too :-)
73 de Ken N9VV