Saturday, December 29, 2007

YouTube video of SDR-1000 Java GUI

I have uploaded this video of of the SDR-1000 Java GUI running on the Mac.

The application is started from NetBeans and you can see the Java code starting up the background processes: sdr1000 (hardware interface code),jack, sdr-core (RX), sdr-core (TX) and then the jack-connect commands to connect it all up.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Running on a MacBook Pro

One of the reasons for writing the GUI in Java was the portability it gives you.

Here are a couple of screenshots (click the image to get full size) of the GUI running on the Mac. It looks and runs just the same on Linux.

I am using an Edirol FA-66 Firewire for the sound card on the Mac. At the time it was running at 96000.

The first image includes the memory utilization from the Activity Monitor, which shows there is still 1.28GB available (the machine has 2GB) even with the Java GUI (radio.Radio) running, 2 copies of sdr-core (DttSP) one for RX and one for TX, jackd, sdr1000 (the sdr1000 hardware interface). On top of all this the Java GUI was run from Netbeans which is used as the IDE for development.

The second image includes the cpu utilization from the Activity Monitor, which shows we are running 70% idle.

Java GUI For DttSP

Decided to try starting a blog about my development of a Java GUI for DttSP and the SDR-1000.