Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ghpsdr - the video

Testing a new version of the Ozy/Mercury FPGA code. Seems to resolved my problems of lost audio when switching to 96k or 192k. Still get the occasional burst of frames from ozy where the sync has been lost.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

GTK+ alpha source in svn repository

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I have imported the source into the svn repository at:


This includes libDttSP.a which is the version I have modified to not use Jack.

This is still very much an Alpha version. It does still have problems and not everything is completed.

To build the application there is a simple Makefile.

To run the application just start ghpsdr once it is built.

Currently it does not include any code to load the FPGA so you must run initozy before running the application. You must also have the latest FPGA code.

Functionally, each band has 3 bandstacks. The frequency/mode/filter settings will be saved when exiting the application for all the bandstack entries.

Tuning can be accomplished by left mouse clicking in the Panadapter/Waterfall window to move the selected frequency to the center of the current filter. A right mouse click will move the selected frequency to the cursor. You can also use the left mouse button to drag the frequency by holding it down while dragging. If you have a scroll wheel, moving the scroll wheel will increment/decrement the frequency by the current step amount.

You can also left mouse click on the bandscope display and it will move to the selected frequency.

The Setup button pops up a window to adjust the display settings. There are no tests currently if these are set to invalid values.

There are some problems when running at other than 48000. Sometimes the audio output will stop although the Panadapter/Waterfall and bandscope continue to function. It usually requires intiozy to be run again to get the audio back.

Remember - this is an alpha version.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GTK+ GUI moving along

Gradually adding some more features including waterfall display.

It now also supports 48k, 96k and 192k sampling. There is a small problem with DttSP when I switch sample rates where it is breaking some times. Need to investigate the code I added to support sample rate changes to DttSP.

Will add the bandscope next and then it should be ready for some testing.

Once that is completed I will start on Penelope support.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

GTK+ GUI for HPSDR Mercury

Currently working on a GUI for Mercury using GTK+. One of the drivers for this was to see how well I could get the USB code working without Jack

I modified the latest version of DttSP so that I could link it with the GUI and USB code, and make calls directly to it to process the I/Q data. I shamelessly borrowed the external functions from the Windows implementation!

I should have a releasable version within the next couple of days. Once I have the receiver working well I will add support for Penelope for a complete transceiver.

A quick YouTube demo: