Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good progress with the Atlas bus and Ozy/Janus cards. I built the Atlas bus and it is all working when tested under Windows with the PowerSDR version that supports Ozy/Janus.

Last night I worked on getting udev (Ubuntu) to recognize Ozy and initialize it when it is plugged in, powered on or at boot time. Now to look at the code to control the SDR-1000 using Ozy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dayton 2008

Have just spent 3 days at Dayton (my first time).  If you have never been to this show then I would really recommend it.  It was tiring - didn't help that I missed my connecting flight in Chicago because of a delay in London and had to wait 5 hours for the next flight to Cincinnati where I rented a car and drove to Dayton.  I finally arrived at about 1 am!

It was really good to meet up with old friends from AMSAT and TAPR and especially to meet for the first time in person Frank Brickle , Phil Harman, Gerald Youngblood, Eric Wachsmann and the rest of the  Flex Radio people.

I now have the Ozy/Janus boards (and a Penelope board), thanks to Frank Brickle,  and  I also saw the new Mercury receiver board actually running.  Phil really did a great job on this board, especially getting it built and working in time for the show.

The biggest problem I see going forward is how to keep up with all the new hardware and get the java-sdr working with it!  I need to retire to get  more time to work on all this great hardware!  If anyone else wants to dig in and help develop the software for these feel free to have a go.