Thursday, August 27, 2009

Split Transmit

Trying to design a usable UI as the capabilities get more complex is not easy!

I have added the split rx/tx full/half duplex capability. This is using VFO-A for receive and VFO-B for transmit. Now that VFO-B is used for this I have changed the sub receiver to maintain it's own receive frequency.

In the image above the main receiver is receiving on 14.195200 MHz, the sub receiver is receiving on 14.219700 MHz and the transmitter is transmitting on 14.241900 MHz. All running full duplex! Of course, the transmit frequency does not have to be in the displayed passband, but then it would not be visible!

I am also adding transverter support for the split frequency mode mainly to support working cross band on the satellites.

Note that this is currently working with a version of the firmware that is not yet generally released.

Next major UI design issue will be how to support multiple receivers both within one Mercury card and with multiple mercury cards.

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