Friday, June 19, 2009

Better startup ...

The code now will detect that ozy is not powered on or plugged in and allow the user to retry.

It will then run initozy if required.


Narunas said...

I got the Netbeans version running the java-sdr package on Ubuntu Jaunty - to a point - I do not have SDR 1000/SDR5000 hardware - are there any "dry run" scenarios available?

Will you support the SDR - 3000?

BTW - brilliant work!
any digital modes available? like Pactor or future WINMORE?


John said...

No dry-run (demo) support yet.

I need to get back to the SDR-1000 code, my HPSDR work is taking most of my spare time at the moment.

I am thinking of trading in my SDR-1000 and getting an Flex-1500. It is a problem getting access to all the different hardware to test on. The 1500 is USB, the 3000 and 5000 are firewire!

I hope to get more digital support. Currently with the HPSDR I am taking the audio output from Mercury and feeding it into the built in sound card and the running digital applications using that (qsstv, fldigi, etc).

If you need help just send me an email.


John g0orx/n6lyt

-- John