Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Layout changes for ghpsdr

rev 1022 of ghpsdr now contains some layout changes along with some changes to the band stack.

Click on picture for full size


N4HXL said...

Thank you very much John. I have been keeping up with all your updates and it just keeps getting better and better.
The only thing I would change would be when clicking on a signal the last two digits would be 00hz or 100hz. Again thanks for your contribution to ham community.

Rahul said...

Thank you for a nice front end John. I am trying to get it running on windows with MinGW so far failed to compile it. I wish if you could come up with a basic HOWTO for ghpsdr it would be great.

roblan111 said...

Dear John,
Great stuff that you are producing!
Do I understand it well that it may be possible to run my SDR1000 clone on a MAC with your frontend?


gopher said...

is it possible to use as a frontend for the USRP?