Monday, July 14, 2008

GUI Changed

I have changed the user interface to create a JFrame and then add the different components as JInternalFrame objects rather than add them to the desktop.

This means the relevant components for a specific radio can be kept together and will make it easier to have different configurations.

The initial state is an empty window. The File menu lets you start the different components within the window. You need one instance running the RMI server and Message Switcher as the main server. You will also need a DttSP object and a Softrock Object with the DttSP object running on the machine with the soundcard you are using. You can then start other instances and add the different UI objects as required.

The image below shows 4 instances all running on the same machine, one of which is running the RMI server and is also running the DttSP object. The other instances locate the RMI server to register their components to receive the required messages and show how they can be configured. Each of these could have been running on a different machine.

This version is not in the svn archive yet!

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